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Inspect historic passenger carriages
dating back to 1889, in the heritage listed roundhouse, plus some of the carriages
that were part of the original East West Train that travelled across the Nullabor Plain in 1917.

Day Tours

Group bookings should be arranged ahead of time. The tour takes approximately 1.5 hours and gives you an amazing insight into historic locomotives, carriages and other interesting freight vehicles. If you are time poor a look around the diesel shed only may be the answer.

You’ll be transported back to the glamorous 1920’s when train travel was the most elegant way to get around – passengers settling themselves into a First Class Lounge car, sipping a long, cool drink while entertained by the on board pianist. As you sink into the warmth of the red leather armchairs, you’ll understand why First Class train travel is still highly regarded as a superior way to travel.

Then you could sit in the cabin of one of the powerhouse steam locomotives, where men would shovel coal and sweat in the intense heat to keep the fires burning and the wheels turning.

Somewhere further along, you’ll visit the baby health car, a child health centre on train tracks that visited rural South Australia to help mothers and children in remote farms and settlements.

Trains and railways are part of Australia’s rich heritage and your day tour will help you relive the full heritage rail experience.

Open daily except Christmas day

MasterCard, VISA card, EFTPOS accepted.

All prices valid as per 1st July 2023 and are subject to changes.

Day Tour Prices:

Enclosed shoes recommended.

90 minute guided tours are available daily from 9am, join anytime up until 3pm (Mid March to October),

During Low Season(November to Mid March) Tours begin Weekdays 10am-11:30am Weekends 9am-10:30am, Arrive at any time between those hours.

Steamtown Special: book a sound & light show and a guided day tour $50 per person (over 16yrs)

Summer Special: book a guided day tour and feature movie session $45 any day of the week

Night Show

When the sun goes down over Peterborough, the Sound and Light Show gets going at the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre!

You will sit comfortably in a restored 1916 historic rail carriage which is placed on an 85 foot long, 3 gauge turntable. Over 1 hour, you will move through the tunnels of time, to learn about Peterborough, about railways in South Australia and about the many fascinating personal stories associated with it.

This awesome sound and light experience will have you becoming part of the last two centuries and will appeal to everyone in the family. Pre-bookings essential and starting times depend upon time of year.  

Open daily except Christmas day

MasterCard, VISA card, EFTPOS accepted.

All prices valid as per 1st July 2023 and are subject to change.

Night Show Prices:

Enclosed shoes recommended

The Sound and Light show lasts about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Bookings are essential. During the High Season (Mid March to Oct) no minimum number required the show is on every night. During the low season (Nov to Mid Mar) please do not book online, please phone 08 86513355 to make your booking as we need a minimum of 6 people to run the show during this low season. The starting times vary depending on the time of the year as we wait for dark before commencing.  March 25th to April 6th 8:00 pm start, April 7th to June 1st 7:30 pm start. June 2nd to August 18th 6:15pm. August 19-October 7:30pm