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2 Telford Ave, Peterborough SA 5422
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Each night, beneath the stars of the Southern Flinders, a light begins to glow beneath a mighty steam train. There’s a hiss of piston, a rush of steam, the cry of a guardsman – and an incredible industrial legacy slowly comes to life.

Peterborough’s Steamtown was once a vast rail operation where over 100 steam locomotives passed through each day before heading to all corners of Australia.

Today, that legacy is preserved – and you’re invited to experience it for yourself.

During the daylight hours, you can tour the sheds and the extraordinary heritage-listed ‘Roundhouse’ before getting hands-on with the heroic locos and luxury carriages. And at night be thrilled by the award-winning ‘Sound and Light Show’, a powerful railway story that plays out on a stage like no other.

We are open daily 9am to 5pm
March to October Tours 9am to 3pm
November to February Tours 10am to 1.30pm
Closed during the Christmas and New Year Break

Day Tours and the Sound and Light Show can be booked online or ring 8651 3355

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What our customers say...

Unique experience Being mad about railway history, I have been looking forward to a visit here for some time and it did not disappoint. There is so much to see and read across indoor and outdoor spaces, guided and unguided. And the Sound and Light tour is amazing! You will learn a lot about Australian and especially SA rail history, and fascinating cultural insights. There is lots of access into historic rolling stock, including the baby health car, and a lounge car complete with piano! Meg was a great guide for the sound and light evening event, with an obvious passion for railways. It is wonderful that these assets and stories are being preserved- so much to appeal to visitors of all ages.
PLEASE COME Great day tour and nightime sound and light show. They are doing a great job preserving an irreplaceable part of our history. Besides your entry spend $5 and by a pane of glass for the roundhouse. Where are the Corporate sponsors and State and Federal governments when you need them. They had a successful training program for school students but the insurance and work safe requirements killed it off. Please come and visit as it is only a day run from Adelaide or use it for a base.
Robert W
Robert W
Wow. Best railway museum After seeing this place on Facebook. We booked our trip only a month after and drove our way up from Adelaide. Looking up history of steamtown and peterborough we looked more around the area as well. All worth the trip. The museum itself is definitely worth a visit. Yes it has historic carriages and trains like other places but does offer the best building also. A large round house still with turntable from a hundred years ago. And sheds more so. A fine array of engines from steam to diesel. Carriages from original use to their final set up before being left alone. Our tour through the place was very informative which allowed us entry to all carrieges inside and even on some of the trains. As a train buff it's more then worth it. But also for anyone if you love trains or not or love history. We booked our tickets for the day tour and night tour which is a unique experience in itself. Sitting in a carriage on the turn table you watch a video of the rich history of the area and a light spectacular in the carriage house bringing alive the engines once more. A fitting end to these once great work horses of our outback.
Paul E
Paul E
A "Must See" for those of us who aren't train buffs. Excellent walk back in time and to see how those dedicated people have restored and nurtured this part of our history. I am by no means a 'train buff' but we were told by friends that this worth seeing. And it was. The characters we met in Shirley, Colin and Tamara were great hosts and very keen to tell us the stories of the place. We also took in the light show in the evening and again that was worth every cent. Its not what I expected but I left thinking this was unique and extremely good value.
An absolute Must see and Do Tours at Steam Heritage Peterborough S.A. We drove into the Very Large Van and M/home Parking lot, alongside a Beautiful Steam Locomotive ..Out side the steam Heritage Museum. We entered into the Alladins Cave of the steam Museum with so much memorabilia and Souvenirs in such a small space. We paid for a Rail yard tour, we were introduced to Phil who was our Guide, lots of folk just left the building as it was Lunchtime so we we got Lucky with a Personal tour for Two from Phil. We entered one of the Many Rail workshop Sheds, and then into an open Rail yard, and Phil told the story of this massive Railyard workshops and Rail Yard turntable that can take 3 different Rail gauge Locos or Carriages. There were so many sheds and workshops, a lot in a sorry state of disrepair, but Phil kept on with his narrative undaunted on anything and everything concerning this Once bustling Rail workshops and Rail Yards. Of course we got to enter into many Locos, and Carriages it was a dream come true for me having done Many Trips as a young boy from Melbourne to Nhill on the Daylight and Overlander pulled by Two Mighty R class Locos. Only on the daylight whistle stops i always ran and stood by the Engines, many is the time the engineer Driver lifted me up into the engine cab and i rode there with them on the short distance from Dimboola or Horsham to Nhill That i will never forget as a young 7 thru to 12 yr old. Phil had encyclopedic knowledge on all things steam and rail yards, finally as it was early thirty degrees we cut short the tour as we re entered the museum i Booked for the steam and light show. Early evening a Taxi picked me up for Free from our van park and dropped me off at the Museum for my tour on entering the office the friendly staff member Meg greeted me i said where is everybody she replied some folks cancelled. i said no worries just call the Taxi back i will go home..she replied No Way the Show will go on just for You... I was stunned at her dedication as they require 6 Persons minimum...... I found That Attitude ran all thru the towns people we met while in Peterborough. The Sound and Light show was much more than i envisaged, we sat in a purpose re designed old rail carriage, and Not to spoil this tour for Future Folkshort review. i was spellbound during the whole production Sound , Visual, and Atmosphere wise, i learn more about Steam than i thought possible during this show it was Highly Entertaining. Thanks to All the friendly homely staff specially Phil, and Meg... you all Deserve a Pat on the back for your dedication to such a Great attraction
Only went for my dad I liked the gift shop and the info on the baby carriage. Our guides I think peter and John where really good.
Alex T
Alex T
The light show and tour The steam and light show was amazing. The tour guide had alot of knowledge and her bubbly nature made our night. We came back for a tour the next day and colin was great his knowledge
Nita M
Nita M
Absolutely Brilliant What a very interesting place to visit, it’s like stepping back in time with all the old trains, our guide Judith was excellent most informative really know her knowledge of trains , would highly recommend a visit here, and if your a train buff like my husband you will love it .
interesting the work of Horst Endrulat and Ian Milne continues. they set a great foundation for the ongoing success of this site. guides had a good knowledge, but missed some minor but important historical issues. forthe Jo or Joe Public this wont be an issue. Sad that this is not an operational railway. i sound and lightI show is great.
Anne A
Anne A
What an awesome find in Peterborough We did a very informative tour of the rail yards, the first morning we were in Peterborough. It was amazing & we learnt so much about the area & it's railway history. Our guide was very experienced & knowledgable. That evening we returned for the light & sound show which was wonderful as well. We found the staff very friendly & informative about the local area. We thoroughly enjoyed it & would highly recommend everyone to visit & have the same experience as us.